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Odoo v8 Documentation

September 16, 2014 by
Odoo v8 Documentation

There is a very good collection by Stephen Mack!

  • Official odoo v8 docs (included with github source code)
  • Official future odoo v8 docs  (Developer tutorial/reference/api & Designer tutorial) (ReadTheDocs Format)
  • Odoo v8 database scheme (Thanks go to Borut Jures for his work)
  • Odoo's new v8 API guidelines (From OpenDays 2014)
  • OpenERP v8 book (Community written)
  • Official odoo how-to docs (Community written, odoo approved)
OpenERP Version 7
  • Official OpenERP v7 docs
  • Official OpenERP Web Developers Documentation v7
  • Official OpenERP Technical Memento v0.7.4 (French Version)
  • OpenERP v7 docs (Written by odoo silver partner - erpweb)
Odoo sponsered developer tutorial/reference/api & designer tutorial for odoo v8 are currently being written and they should start becomming available in September/October 2014.  The above link is to the live documents as they are being written.  Follow and comment on GitHub. Thanks.