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Odoo V8 new api Release Update : July 24, 2014

July 26, 2014 by
Odoo V8 new api Release Update : July 24, 2014

Community, Everyone is having an eagle-eye on version 8 which is coming with excellent website builder, new WMS (warehouse management) and classy e-commerce builder features, with many small other features needless to say.

We just have an email from Olivier Dony, the community manager of OpenERP SA. After the demand from community, here are the meanwhile updates from him about the new api release.

Quick update on the 8.0 release progress:

- the migration scripts for 8.0 are finished, and should be upgraded in the coming days

- the new packaging is almost finished, new nightly builds should appear soon on

- the export of the translations is being worked on, but still requires some work to correctly export and manage translations for Website-related resources (web pages, qweb templates, etc.). We will make an announcement as soon as translators can proceed with completing the translations.

- the namespace renaming of openerp->odoo is ready (backwards compatible), but not merged yet

- many bugs have been squashed in 8.0RC already, many regressions fixed, and several of these improvements made runbot 8.0 builds go from 25+min down to 15min including the full web crawling test and JS tour. Those builds also require close to 20% less SQL queries, while 8.0 was already doing much less than 7.0 thanks to the new API.

Many contributors have been testing the 8.0RC and helping us by sending pull requests, that's very helpful and we'll be sure to process them all, thanks!

By the way the process to release 8.0 has not changed, we're sticking to what we decided for saas-X series. 8.0 is just a regular saas-X branch: 7.0 -> saas-1 -> saas-2 -> saas-3 -> (saas-4) -> (saas-5) -> 8.0 -> saas-6...

And that's the very reason why 8.0 final is not released yet: it must go through the same stabilization process as all saas branches, even if that makes us miss some announced dates. It takes longer than we expected this time because the 8.0 RC branch is much harder to stabilize than the previous saas-X branches, due to two extremely large changesets: the new WMS and the new API. Those are giant leaps that needed to happen at some point, and better now than later, as few would have been interested in a 8.0 LTS release without them. We'll have to live with 8.0 for a while for on-site deployments! As a reminder, the release steps are:

1. 8.0 offline stabilization -> bugfixes  <= WE ARE HERE

2. 8.0 deployed on (migration) -> bugfixes

3. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for new customers -> bugfixes

4. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for all customers (migration) -> bugfixes

5. 8.0 final release

We're very close to step 2. Steps 2-4 usually take a month or so for the average saas-X branch, but we know that this one is harder than the average. That's where we stand right now. If you want to make it happen sooner, please deploy and test the 8.0RC branch, review pull requests/fixes contributed by others, write patches for issues submitted by others, etc.

You're also welcome to start using the 8.0 RC branch for new customer projects: it is stable API-wise and the installation packages will be there soon as well. By the time you get to pre-production tests the final version will likely be out.


Olivier Dony(ODO).