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What are the new features in Odoo 13 - Technical

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August 13, 2019 by
What are the new features in Odoo 13 - Technical

                                                             odoo 13

  • It seems as in Odoo 13, wkhtml2pdf will replace by chrome headless:

  • Possible to disable the import option for specific view by adding import="0" attribute in the tree tag.

            Ex: <tree import="0">

            on_change=”false” <field name=”employee_id” on_change=”false”/>

  • Passing of context as keyword argument is mandatory in RPC calls. Before v13 it was optional but since v13, RPC calls must pass `context` as a keyword argument.

  • New option added to automatically expand all the records while performing the Group By.

            Ex: <tree expand="1">

  • Aggregate attributes in tree view, avg,sum,min,max

          <field name=”subtotal” avg=”sub”/>



  • A new implementation of prefetching is on its way for #Odoo 13. Records come with a simpler data structure for prefetching, namely record._prefetch_ids, which is an iterable of record ids to prefetch.

          link ->

  • <groupby name="groupedField"> <!-- must be a many2one --> <button type="object" name="my_method" string="Button1"/> </groupby>


  • In #Odoo13 binary fields will be stored as attachments by default.


  • Odoo13 will come with a new CLI option for migration path.


  • #Odoo 13 will get a huge jQuery upgrade from V1.11.1 to V3.3.1 (the latest version)! See

what are the new features in Odoo 13 - Functional