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What's new in Odoo v15 Community Edition(Part 1)

Odoo v15 Community Edition
October 22, 2021 by
What's new in Odoo v15 Community Edition(Part 1)


CRM teams will have Multi teams feature where you can assign a salesperson to multiple teams. This feature now will be very helpful to the sales team because if a person is needed in 2 two different teams at the same time we can now add that salesperson to multiple teams.

Odoo15 CRM

ODOO has brought this new feature in CRM i.e. Similar Lead. Here if there are multiple leads created with the same customer details then the other related leads will be shown in the similar leads section. You can spot potential duplicate leads through a stat button.

Odoo 15 CRM

Supplier Currency is now added in the Sales and Purchase Section of the customer form. With the help of this option now the currency mentioned will be used instead of the default currency for purchases from the current partner.

Odoo CRM

Build the sales forecast by dragging and dropping opportunities between months. The deadline will automatically be updated to the last day of that month.

Odoo15 CRM


This option is used if you want to count the inventory. Day of the month when the annual inventory should occur. If zero or negative, then the first day of the month will be selected instead. If greater than the last day of a month, then the last day of the month will be selected instead.

Odoo15 annnual Inventoryy

A brand new look and feel of the Inventory Adjustments are now updated into the V15 of the ODOO. It will have Cyclical inventory by location, Filter by suspicious inventory, Identify negative stocks and identify double Serial Numbers, See history on each quantity, Easily solve conflicts, Count anything, anytime.