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Automated action in OpenERP/Odoo!

July 29, 2014 by
Automated action in OpenERP/Odoo!

Dear Reader,

The document for v7 is here , but lets still go more in action here. This will make you good enough to manage automated action such as sending emails, opening a specific windows, creation of record, editing a record, sending an SMS and more!

We just found a version 6 related doc from OpenERP which helps you understand the server action better, the basics. Some quick words from there:

" Server action is an new feature to the OpenERP available since the version 5.0 beta. This is an interesting feature for customer, to full fill his requirements. This feature provides a quick and easy configuration for day to day requirements. Like sending emails on confirmation of sale order, or confirmation of invoice, logging operations of invoice (confirm, cancel, etc..). or need for developing a system which runs wizard/report on confirmation of sales, purchases, or invoices."

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