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Odoo 8.0: Call for translators from OpenERP SA

June 14, 2014 by
Odoo 8.0: Call for translators from OpenERP SA
An excellent email from Olivier Dony (as usual) on Community channel on Aug 14, 2014!
Sharing for those who have not been a part of email loop yet.

Dear contributors and translators,

As you know, we're working hard to prepare the v8 release and make it as stable 
as possible. We've done a lot of progress and we're reaching the point where we 
plan to migrate to 8.0RC. It should be done next week if everything 
goes well.
This would put us at step 2 of the release steps [1].

At this point the current 8.0RC branch is considered frozen with regard to 
translation terms, and we've just updated all translation templates, including 
the translation of the new website-related modules. The templates have been 
updated both in GitHub and Launchpad.

It is therefore a good time to start working on the translations. I know many 
of you have been waiting for this day eagerly!

About 20% of the existing translations have been updated for 8.0, and a ~4k new 
terms have been added (mostly due to the new features in 8.0). We now have a 
total of ~21k terms.

How to translate

In order to preserve the current translation teams and the translation memory, 
the 8.0 translation will still be managed on Launchpad, as explained in the 
Github transition wiki page [2].

For this purpose a new 8.0 series has been added on Launchpad, and will *only* 
be used for translations (no source code). It is now the default focus for 

Here are the direct links for translating:

- addons:
- server:
- web:

(Do not forget to click "View all languages" at the bottom of the list)

To new translators: do not hesitate to make translations suggestions (anyone 
can do it on any language) and to ask for joining existing translation teams! 
(See References below for the list of teams)

Note: on Launchpad the modules are still split in 3 projects to preserve the 
existing translations from v7.

Reminder: regional languages (e.g. fr_BE or nl_BE) must not be translated like 
normal languages. Within Odoo they automatically contain the main language they 
are based on (e.g. fr_FR or nl_NL), so they should only translate the 
differences! It is normal that they appear as 0% translated in Launchpad.


The new translations will be exported every day by Launchpad, but will only be 
synchronized back to GitHub every week or so - don't panic if you cannot see 
your translations in GitHub every day!
During synchronization the translations are of course merged back into a single 
project branch.

As usual, do not worry if you have not completed 100% of the translations in 
time for the release: updated translations will be included in the new 
installation packages every day, even after the release.
You can therefore focus on the most important parts first.

For the next release we will definitely have better tools for translators, 
let's just use the current tools one last time :-)

         Thank you all for making Odoo a unique and global project!

-- References --

* [1] Quick news regarding v8 release process:

* [2] Odoo Transition to GitHub wiki page (scroll down to see the details):

* Translations Guidelines:

* Translation teams:

* Help/FAQ about Launchpad's Translation Interface:
_____________________________________________ An update from Thosten Vocks!
it is very important to know that it helps to copy+paste sometimes existing translations of "old" OpenERP 7.0 installation. I would recommend translators to use a VMWare appliance to do that inside their local network.
To prepare this very helpful "Copy + Paste" feature you only have to do two things to prepare yourself:
1. create a database with your language (f.e. german) and example data.
It is also described here if you want to use this fresh V7.0 VM appliance.
2. Then install the modules you want to translate. Usually i start to install all the main apps. If you proceed further with other extensions f.e. crm_helpdesk, sale_margin or other extra-addons you have to install the modules you want to translate at first.
How to use Copy/Paste of existing translations from launchpad perspective:
1. If you may expect a untranslated term as already translated in V7, choose a unique fragment of this original term  (from this example Nr. 10 on this side i choose the term "log the summary" and strg+c)
2. Then open the following menu in your OpenERP V7.0 database:
For germans it is: Einstellungen / Übersetzungen / Begriffe / Übersetzte Begriffe
In english it's something like this:
Settings / Translations / Terms / Translated Terms
For sure the exact path depends of your language.
3. In the search box paste your copied fragment or edit a unique word in the search field. Take care of choosing "Quelle" ("Source") as the field you want to search for the term. Then in many cases you may find the entry as already translated in V7.0
4. Then again Copy + Paste the translated term from OpenERP 7.0 -> launchpad field "New translation"
5. Do eventually the minor fix you have to do. (f.e. change OpenERP -> Odoo).
My experience is that we may expect much faster  and more accurate translation,
as the existing translated terms usually was already reviewed in prior versions.
Best regards

Thorsten VocksopenBIG.orgPhone: +49 4471 8409000 Mail: