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Odoo Tips of Month August 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Know what happened around Odoo in August 2022
October 11, 2022 by
Odoo Tips of Month August 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Being an expert on ODOO For 12+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for July  2022. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of the Social  Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin. Let's thank them.


Power Feature!

When customizing, be sure to leverage the DOUBLE Group by...

Quickly prioritize work with a powerful view of your data.

Stage --> Project Manager

Project Manager --> Stage

Make a Dashboard so everyone can see what's so!

#better #management #technology #Odoo

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Odoo/status/1564281785143308288)


Odoo 16 Sneak Peer: retrieve the accounting balance of a set of accounts easily to build dashboards.

Want the DSO? Just use the formulae: =odoo.balance('40') / odoo.balance('70') * 365.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/fpodoo/status/1563195498718044162 )



Tip: #Odoo is dropping the google drive & spreadsheets apps. Support for current Odoo versions will be killed on 03/10/2022 too. See


(Source:- https://twitter.com/Yenthe666/status/1561628471016783874 )


#Odoo15 #alert If you had some customization on Leave/allocation part than have a look at this commit. It's breaking many things in stable.


(Source:- https://twitter.com/sswapnesh/status/1559893793490767873 )


"oca-port: new #OCA tool to help with modules migration" by Sébastien Alix #DEVCommunity https://dev.to/camptocamp-odoo/oca-port-new-oca-tool-to-help-with-modules-migration-1aa… @OdooCommunity #odoo


(Source:- https://twitter.com/seb_alix/status/1559159918145536001 )


#Odoo 16 chatter support link preview with OpenGraph Protocol.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/M4ranth/status/1557967339144237057 )


#Odoo15 gets Bulgarian localization (chart of accounts, taxes and tax report for Bulgarian localization)


(Source:- https://twitter.com/sswapnesh/status/1557237325599363073 )


Posted inventory adjustment with some wrong quantity?

#Odoo16 will allow you to Reverse Inventory Adjustments.


(Source:- https://twitter.com/sswapnesh/status/1555854290228776960 )


And @ v16:




  •  190+ tasks

  • bugs

  • heavy re-write

  • OWL

  • performance

  • design tweaks

  • deafen / mute bug fix

  • blur video background

  • emoji-invasion 

  • obvious joined/left notifications

  • missing notifications (stage change/task ready)

  • mobile

(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1554998937827696640 )


Do you stop selling products online when they run out? 

#Odoo v16 will give website visitors a quicker way to ask to be emailed** when they can return to buy!

- no need to signup/register!

- no need for a wish list!



Custom templates supported.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1554258373784137729 )


How to program an accounting entry to reverse automatically? #Odoo  - https://odoo.com/forum/help-1/how-to-program-an-accounting-entry-to-reverse-automatically-209043

(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1564852158209540096 )


#Odoo v16 better supports the way we now work!





(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1558165380891230218 )


#Odoo v16 will make the setup for Accounting smoother:



(Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1558137227351232513 )


#web Auto Refresh and Reload #odoo v15 This module provides us with a very useful feature that allows us to specify an auto-reload value in milliseconds in the action code, and the web page will be reloaded based on that value.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1555519084422627328)


#Tours and #travel #Management System enables you to easily manage your tour packages. Using this #Software you can create contracts with suppliers for Accommodations, Restaurants, #Transportation, and Guides all in one place.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1557333404135620608)


Freight Management System #odoo #v15#freight management module combines air, land, & ocean operations into one system. Controlling freight company's operations, configuration, utilization, accounting facilities, etc…

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1558057769344782337)


User Mailbox #V15 This module will help you to divide #SMTP servers per user and this will work inside all #odoo processes wherever you send and receive #email communication and the log will be generated in #chatter.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1562420713633751044)


#Microsoft Azure SSO #integration #odoo v15 #SerpentCS has come up with the solution. Users can log into Odoo with their Microsoft accounts using this module.

(Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1564585557552152577)


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