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Odoo Tips of Month February 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Know what happened around Odoo in February 2022
April 29, 2022 by
Odoo Tips of Month February  2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner


Being an expert on ODOO For 12+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for February  2022. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of the Social  Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin. Let's thank them.


Tip: the Outlook/O365 Oauth integration in #Odoo is close to being done! ✉️ Will land for V13-V15. You can follow the progress at 



I just published my new #odoo module account_cash_deposit that adds support for cash deposits (cash to bank) and cash orders (bank to cash). #OCA PR… Reviews welcomed.


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It’s just 2 days until @PacktPub's latest book, Odoo 15 Development Essentials, is published! Pre-order your copy now:

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The new refactoring of the #odoo HTTP dispatcher layer (all goes through such a layer when you are using Odoo) is merged for the next version. - API simplification - Better overrides (when needed) - Better error reporting - Minimum overhead

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#Odoo / @OdooCommunity  module of the day :

With this module, the coupon will directly add both the reward product and the reward line! Currently, in Odoo, the free product coupon would only be applied if you already had the product in your SO. cc @fpodoo

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FYI, OWL2's rendering engine "blockdom" is the fastest virtual DOM ever developed. See the benchmark:…


Well done @GDebongnie! Odoo 16 is going to be blazing fast…

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Are you Curious to know how Car wash Mobile App Solution Works? Download Free-User Guide : #carwash #mobileapps #Solutions #odoo #OpenSource

Well, apparently the root cause is less-than-ideal virtualization of the test environment. If any production code explicitly commits the database transaction, the test framework cannot roll it back any more and will silently just keep running. 

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The doc has been updated for Owl 2:… But you're right, documentation will surely be a greater focus in the future

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Are you Tired of Saving Records in #gym?

#serpentcs Provides Gym Management in which:Operator can Manage Memberships & Members, #Trainers can Create Workout and #Diet-Plan, Members can Access their #membership, Check Plan & History  Buy Now:


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Instant Purchase Order From Sale Order

Module that provides the functionality of generating purchase orders from quotations/sales orders.

Directly creating purchase orders with one or more vendors is also possible.

Buy Now:- 

#purchase #Sales #OpenSource

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Odoo ERP is Good Fit For Trading Business ! Why ? Read Here in Brief :-

#business #trading #Software #CRM #OpenSource

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Are you Tired of Calculating Overtime , Time-delay, Absences of Employees ?

This Video shows how HR Overtime Module works:

#Human #resources #employees #absence #work #OpenSource

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Are you working on Old Versions of Odoo? Need To Migrate to the Latest One ?

SerpentCS provides migration services at its best!

Check the link for more details:…

#odoo #migration #service #OpenSource

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