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Odoo Tips of the month April 2015

May 8, 2015 by
Odoo Tips of the month April 2015

Dear Reader, Being an expert of Odoo Since 8 years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for April 2015. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of Media around Odoo especially Twitter and Facebook. Lets thank to them. - Self-paced Online Odoo technical training at a very low cost of $300. Apply coupon SCS40 for 40% discount. - The second #odoo memento: double-entry inventory management explained. - popup reminder module in #odoo to show up important popup in your status bar of #odoo - In #odoo 8 if you want to ignore the trigger of onchange from a field then add on_change="0" in a view. Eg: - Recent spoiler of too many redirects has been shot down by the Spot-on @odony  #odoo @odoo - Make partial invoicing of purchase orders on #odoo v8 thanks to the migration from @AdrienPeiffer:  - Want to import data into odoo using google spreadsheet, here is the futur : . Thanks @sylvainc_ for this amazing work. - Aeroo Reports are now working on Odoo/ OpenERP v8! - Functional contribution winning hearts :#odoo reconfigure the account chart midway!  kudos @Therp_BV@therp_stefan - Enhanced in

R&D peek: Plan resources on with new drag and drop Gantt and smart capacity planning  Odoo Tips of the month April 2015

  - W e have a new fields type...fields.Monetary ...easy for currency floats. - Manage your #task#lead#contract#followup#receivable#deadline#birthday & many #reminders with #odoo #SerpentCS  -Odoo, Use and Feed us back. - An improved UI to add invoices to the payment orders, is out on OCA. - v9 : Odoo mail designer, new color picker. - v9: new CRM features on Google doc. - Fabien Pinckaers named Top Manager of the Year - Big memory optimization landed on 8.0 stable branch! - You can now click on many2one fields on tree views thanks to this migration I have made for v8: - You can now click on many2one fields on tree views thanks to this migration I have made for v8: - Bank statement reconciliation now supports paid invoices! - Customise your @BusinessProcess in #odoo Advance Workflow #training#SelfPaced 40% discount #SerpentCS#UDEMY  - #odoo list of reserved field names:1:name 2:active 3:sequence 4:state 5:parent_id 6:parent_left 7:parent_right - #odoo list of automatic fields:1:id 2:_log_access 3: create_date 4:create_uid 5:write_date 6:write_uid. - How to handle reading and writing to Readnoly fields? - #odoo 8 If your compute method uses the values of other fields, you need to specify those fields using @api.depends() decorator. - In @Odoo 8 to find a record based on external id just use ref() on Environment. eg: env.ref('Your External id ') - Use copy=True/False in field definition to ask @Odoo whether the field value should be copied or not when the record is duplicated. - In #odoo 8 use decorator api.constrains(*args) to define a python contraint. each arg will be the field name used in check. - Ignore cancelled purchase lines are now landed on v8.  Please see more Updates: 1. Odoo news in Feb 2015 Part 1 2. Odoo news in Feb 2015 Part 2. 3. Odoo news in March 2015. Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing various ODOO services in more than 39 countries.Our services includes Training, Support, Migration, Implementation, Development and offshore. We are a team of 55 full time OpenERP/ODOO experts including 4 techno functional experts who were part of core openerp framework development and having 7+ years of experience in OpenERP. We have conducted 50+ local and international functional and technical training on OpenERP with 90% satisfaction ratio. Look at the events and customer feedback. Thanks.