OpenERP News of the 3rd Quarter 2013 from SerpentCS!

January 8, 2014 by
OpenERP News of the 3rd Quarter 2013 from SerpentCS!

Dear Reader,

Following are our OpenERP contributions of the quarter:

1. AIOS - Android based OpenERP Android client made free for v6.1 and v7.

2. 62 Webkit reports  for official addons v7 contributed for community.

3. OpenERP - Evernote Integration executed, made opensource.

4. OpenERP - Ogone Payment gateway integration finished.

5. OpenERP - payment gateway Integration,releasing next month.

6. OpenERP - Education Management solution made opensource.

7. OpenERP - Hotel management solution  made opensource.

8. 3 Huge trainings delivered in Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai.

9. OpenERP Currency configuration explained.

10. OpenERP - Base module recorder migrated and contributed for v7.

11. Advance OpenERP technical and functional training delivered with custom modules for 20 attendees for 1.5 months,photoes to come soon.

We wish to contribute more and more for the OpenERP community and ecosystem. SerpentCS is well-known for its offshore, support, migration and training services. Look at the feedback of our beloved customers.

Have a good day ahead,