Odoo Zoom Integration - Simplifying Meetings Management

Odoo Zoom Integration
November 2, 2021 by
Odoo Zoom Integration - Simplifying Meetings Management

odoo zoom integration


In today’s fast-moving business world, people would always be in a search of tools & technologies which give them productivity in the daily tasks they perform. There are plenty of systems/tools available to address any specific needs of utilities which not only saves us time but also ensures the maximum level of efficiency. This includes some of the stand-alone solutions as well as the integrated solutions. Integrations are not always painful if they have tightly been integrated with one another. So here we are going to talk in brief about one such custom-made solution we have which is Odoo+Zoom Meeting Integration. Here you will get to know how this integrated system helps us in simplifying meeting schedules just by using the one single solution, that is Odoo.

Why do we need this integration?

Zoom Video Communications INC is a USA-based company offering cloud-based chat & video conferencing platforms. If you have an ERP in place, it may not have any direct option available to schedule a meeting which you can work on and access on a one-single screen. In our case, it’s going to be something where we use Odoo but we don’t need to keep on switching between Odoo & Zoom Meetings. Cool, right? Let's read ahead to know more about how this integration works.

Odoo + Zoom Meeting Integration - Everything you need to know

About Integration

As the word suggests, Odoo + Zoom Integration is a connecting bridge between both of these platforms. The idea here is to target the audience who uses (or wants to use) Odoo along with functionalities to schedule & manage zoom meetings just from the same solution / ERP. Odoo anyway provides a feature to schedule meetings but if the meeting/call is going to happen in Zoom Meetings, then the user would generally create meetings separately in both the system & accordingly will manage reminders and other things. So now managing meetings in both the platforms independently is an extra effort which we are eliminating here through this integrated solution. In other words, this integration helps users to continue using Odoo while taking care of their meetings & reminders just by an in-built feature. 

This module works on all the major versions of Odoo irrespective of Odoo Enterprise or Community. There are some of the one-time configurations we need to perform if you want to use the Zoom Meeting account within your Odoo ERP. We are going to have detailed information about this integration in terms of its functionalities & configurations. Let's have a look at the features this solution offers.

Major Functionalities Covered

  • Direct integration between Odoo & Zoom Integration
  • One-Time Configuration to link your Zoom ID with an Odoo user
  • Direct features to schedule & manage meetings
  • Meetings created in Odoo is available to manage in Zoom ID too
  • Invitation & reminder emails were sent to the participants
  • Calendar with a Week, Month & Year view available
  • Recurring Meetings with various options of recurrence
  • Multiple Zoom IDs can be configured

Simplifying Meetings Creation & Management

The ultimate goal we are achieving here is to simplify the way we work with the meetings on a daily basis. Creating & managing meetings is not that much time-consuming if you have all your tools handy in a one-single solution. So this Odoo Zoom Connector works in a way that reduces your extra efforts of switching between Odoo & Zoom. There might be a scenario where you want all your reminders in Odoo but meetings are always to be scheduled in Zoom. So this is one of the examples that  Zoom-Odoo Integration comes in handy. It's also not just about creating a meeting in Odoo and getting it reflected in Zoom. But this integrated tool helps in managing them as well. Sometimes scheduled meetings can have some issues with each other in terms of the availability of attendees/participants. In such cases, it's very much important for a solution to be capable of allowing us to manage meetings too.

Managing scheduled meetings would mostly be something to get any meeting edited but these edits may involve us in any of the following things.

  • To Re-Invite attendees
  • To add/remove invited attendees
  • To add/remove or change recurrence of the meeting
  • To change the type of recurrences of the scheduled meeting

And to edit any of the scheduled meetings in any other ways

Our Odoo Zoom Integration is best in terms of offering ease when it comes to managing your calendar which looks full of scheduled meetings. As said earlier, Odoo has its own way of managing things over a calendar but getting the same thing reflected in your Zoom ID as well is something by the Odoo Zoom Connector which is in place. In short, you don’t need to manage multiple calendars on different tools but having said that the user uses both Odoo & Zoom separately, you can definitely go for this integrated module to have operational ease.


Walk-Through Odoo Zoom Integration Module

One-Time configuration to connect your Zoom ID with your Odoo User.

odoo zoom


Creating a meeting in Odoo, to be reflected in Zoom ID

Meeting created once is available on both the platform

odoo zoom integration



We suggest that you go through the complete Odoo + Zoom integration series of videos in its sequence to have a detailed look inside our solution.

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