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How to Create and Manage Price List in Odoo?

create sales price list in odoo
July 19, 2021 by
How to Create and Manage Price List in Odoo?


Odoo has an incredible price list highlight to help an estimating strategy for your business. Price list goes about as a spine for any variety of things to attend to productively.

It makes a bunch of costs for a particular gathering of purchasers, for a particular time frame period, or for explicit products. Businesses can make changes in the costs as per the opposition on the lookout or according to some particular seasons and events.

What do you mean by Price List in Odoo? 

Let the word itself speak - "Pricelist is the price of the products which are put on sale"

It is essential for all product sale-related business. Be it a point of sale business, e-commerce, or drop-shipping, it is the price list that primarily attracts a buyer. A price list is a list of prices or price rules that Odoo searches to determine the suggested price.

You can set several criteria to use a specific price i.e. periods, min. sold quantity (meet a minimum order quantity and get a price break), etc.

Questions like;

  • How to use Price List in Odoo?
  • How to create a Price List in Odoo?
  • How to Manage Pricelist in Odoo?

have become common among the people.

If you also have such questions in your mind then don’t worry as this blog will help you to clarify all your doubts.

Categories of Price Lists:

Vendor Price List

Customer Price List


How to create a Vendor Price list in Odoo?

Odoo users can configure vendor pricelist by following way:

Go to the Purchase Module> click on the Configuration tab> click on Vendor Price Lists.

By default, vendor prices can be set manually in the product detail form. If the vendors provide you with the pricelist files then this option facilitates easy importing them.

Select any product> Click on Purchase Tab> Scroll down to the section vendors> Click on add a line> a pop up will be generated> Fill the fields to create the vendor price list in Odoo.

Important terms related to Vendor Price List in Odoo:

  • Minimal Quantity: Minimal quantity is the minimum quantity of products for the applicability of the price list.

  • Validity: Validity in the vendor price list can be defined as the time period for which a particular price list is valid.


How to create a Customer Price list in Odoo?

To create a price list in Odoo, you need to go to the Sales Module > Settings > Pricing > tick on the checkbox of Multiple Sales Prices per Product> Click on Price List> Here you can see the price lists that are already created;

Moreover, you can also create a new Sales price list in Odoo as follows:

1.  Add the name of the price list as per your wish; for instance: Big Billion Days, Christmas Sale, etc.

2. Add the country name on which you want to validate the price list; you can create country groups also

3. Customize the different groups of products on which price list is applicable

4. Compute the Price Computation

5. Save the changes