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How Retail and Franchise business models can take advantage of Price List in Odoo ?

Easy management of sales price list management in odoo erp
August 4, 2021 by
How Retail and Franchise business models can take advantage of Price List in Odoo ?

odoo sales price list

As we all know in the market, Customer is the King. We have to manage our profit margin by giving the best possible discount to our customers.

Here we would like to give the overview of;

  • How can a Retail business take advantage of the Price List?
  • How can a Franchise Type Model take advantage of Odoo Price List?

Odoo has an incredible price list feature which helps a valuing technique to your business. Price List goes about as a spine for any organization to run beneficially.

It creates a set of prices for a specific group of buyers, for a specific time period, or for specific products. Businesses can make changes in the prices according to the opposition on the lookout or according to some particular seasons and events.

What do you mean by Price List in Odoo? 

Pricelist is the cost of the items which are ready to sell. It is essential for all product sale-related business. Be it a point of sale business, e-commerce or drop-shipping, it is the price list that primarily attracts a buyer.

How to create a Sales Price list in Odoo?

To create a sales price list in Odoo, you are requested to do the following;

  • Go to the Sales Module 
  • In the sales module, you can find the Configuration Menu. After clicking on Configuration you find many master configuration points under specific headers.
  • Go to the “Pricing” header and enable the checkbox of Multiple Sales Prices per Product. When you click on Price List you can find the price lists that are already created.

You can also create a new Sales price list in Odoo as follows:

  • Add the name of the price list as per your requirements, For example, Winter Special Sale, Summer Special Sale, Christmas Sale, etc.
  • Customize the different groups of products on which price list is applicable.
  • Compute the Price based on requirements.
  • Save the changes.
  • Add the country name on which you want to validate the price list, you can also create country groups also.

Here, We have considered that there is a Franchise Business Model having FMCG and Ayurvedic Products:

We have different Franchise Level:

  1. Village Level Franchise 
  2. Taluka or Block Level Franchise
  3. State Level Franchise

We have two types in Pricelist: 

  1. District Level Franchise
  2. Traditional type Price List 
  3. Network Type Price List

diff sale pricelist

You can find that there are different types of products with different level franchises and we need to give them all a discounted price based on the Traditional and Networking type.

For example, If a customer is at the District Level and his franchise type is Traditional then in FMCG products he will get a 25% discount and in Ayurvedic Products he will get a 35% discount. Like this, there are many test cases we can consider.

Even Though from the first look it seems complex, we have created a price list in Odoo ERP based on the above information.

For Retailers and the franchise business, this is the complex test case and yes in routine business they are using this.

Our main goal is to guide or show how users can manage this and get benefited.

You can see in below screen:

odoo sales pricelist creation


odoo pricelist as per product


odoo pricelist configuration




From the above Odoo screens, We hope you have got an idea of how we can create and manage the price lists based on business requirements.

Products related applicability in the Odoo pricelist:

By this, we can understand at which level and how this price list can be applicable. Let's see,

  • All Product: This category makes the price list available for all the products. This means the user can apply this price list for all products. 
  • Product Category: Odoo users can apply the price list according to the categories of the products which are having product type - storable, consumable, and service.
  • Product: If a user wishes to create a price list for a specific product then this option will be helpful. The price list can be implemented to a product specifically
  • Product Variant: In Odoo ERP, users can also set a price list for a particular variant of a product.

odoo pricelist items

How to define Quantity & time Limit in a Price List?

Managing Quantity

  • Odoo Users can set the minimum quantity of the products which will be applied to the price list. This means no one can set the order quantity below than predefined minimum quantity in the price list.
  • It means if anyone selects less quantity while ordering than mentioned minimum quantity then the price list cannot be implemented.

Setting Time Period

  • Odoo ERP users can set the start date and end date for the validation of a price list at the time of creating a price list in Odoo.

create pricelist item in odoo


What are the various ways to calculate prices in the Odoo pricelist?

Odoo ERP users can calculate the price in the Odoo price list in the following three ways:

Fix Price:

  • Odoo ERP users can add the price to the price list manually. For example, if you have added a price of $ 100 at its product level and at the time of creating the price list you have a fixed price of $50. Then, at the time you choose the same price list to create a sales order, $50 will automatically update.

Percentage (discount):

  • A system user can give the discount in percentage if he/she has configured it prior to a particular price list.


  • The price in the price list will be updated as per the following formula; New Price= Public Price – Price Discount (%) + Surcharge
  • Odoo users can set a minimum as well as maximum margin to manage the profit.
  • There are different use cases when Odoo users add the minimum and maximum margin.


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