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DNN Outsourcing - A Cost Effective Option for Enterprise Application Development

May 18, 2015 by
DNN Outsourcing - A Cost Effective Option for Enterprise Application Development

One of the oldest and the world’s largest open-source web application framework, DotNetNuke (DNN) has been helping its clients manage information on their respective websites, intranets, and extranets since long utilizing Microsoft’s ASP.NET quite efficiently. With DNN, building your own commercial websites, online publishing portals, corporate intranets or custom vertical applications, anything and everything has become just plain easy! No wonder, its community of registered users is getting populated exponentially! The software, now being helmed as DNN Platform from the early days’ DotNetNuke can be easily installed by anyone, totally free of charge with only one simple condition and that being giving back the credit to the DNN Platform community for providing the users with a chef-d’oeuvre. One of the main reasons why DNN is so popular among the masses is because of its ease of use. DNN tools make it easy enough for any novice to build dynamically interactive websites with the ability to edit or change its content as and when required. This versatile nature of DNN helps set up blogs, weather forecast reports, modules, etc. which need constant updating and editing. Of the many features that DNN offers the folklore, these are the most prominent ones:

 User-Friendly Interface: The interface offered by DNN is absolutely easy to use, with any and every customer operation needs met via site wizards, help icons, etc. 

Packed with Solid Features: DNN Platform or DotNetNuke offers distinctive built-in tools that are sure to bamboozle the eyes of the user/administrator. From tools that support designing to security related tasks, DNN has it all. 

Write/Translate to every known language: The multi-language support feature helps administrators not only write as per their preferred language but also convert a project from one language to another. 

Unlimited Customization: From changing the size and colour of the font to changing the font itself, DNN provides tools powerful enough to enrich user experience to the maximum. 

Support to multiple ports: DNN allows an administrator to manage multiple ports or sites from a single installation. DNN's core functionality can be expanded using modules for almost every element and adding information to web pages, etc. These awesome little modules can be configured in order to cater to your site needs. Some of the core functionality modules include banners, documents, events, contacts, announcements and a lot more. These modules are developed using the .NET language. 

Skinning Feature: DNN platform’s skinning feature allows user to separate their content from others making it compatible with their taste and feel. This look or skin is controlled via HTML and can be changed as and when needed by the user/administrator. 

Security: The built-in security feature is actually very useful when it comes protecting information from the spammers. With this feature, it is possible to construct various secure areas that are only available to use by selected few other users. 

Saving Time: The easy to use interface and the availability of modules and various other third-party based add-ons, DNN optimizes the user time making him even more efficient while starting off on the journey to build a web application. The Global outsourcing market keeps on growing with many companies showing up. Serpentcs is one such company which offers the best DotNetNuke solutions available in the market. We have moved leaps and bounds and offers premium DNN modules, skins and various other development options which cut the costs at our client’s end making their product even more productive and better looking at the same time. 

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