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From QuickBooks to Odoo:  
A Transformational Journey of Mitsogo's 
Financial Operations

Business Verticals :  Mobility and Enterprise Management Solutions

Odoo Version v16 EE

About Client

Mitsogo is a company that offers solutions for managing digital workspaces, business mobility, apps, corporate identity, kiosk, and content creation. Their main product is Hexnode UEM, a tool that secures enterprise endpoints and data.

Technologies Used:

Odoo, PostgreSQL, Python, Quickbooks


Data Mapping:
  The SerpentCS team reviewed the client's data from Quickbooks and prepared data mapping of the Chart of Accounts, customers, vendors, invoices, vendor bills, journal entries, and document attachments. Our consulting team conducts review meetings to identify and verify data mapped correctly.

Data Importing:   Firstly, we attempted to retrieve data by connecting the API from Quickbooks to Odoo but we could not access the transaction records of the previous 12 years because of the subscription expiration of QuickBooks. However, we had all the accounting data in Excel from QuickBooks so we adjusted the Excel and created a script to import data according to the chart of account, vendor, and customer mapped. We transferred all the accounting transaction records from Quickbooks to Odoo and afterward, we moved documents attached to transactions in QuickBooks to Odoo with accurate journal entries to avoid any data loss.

Chart of Account Mapping:   We aligned the comprehensive Chart Of Accounts from QuickBooks to Odoo, and also consulted with clients to use alternative solutions available like Analytic Accounting in odoo 16.

Tier Validation:  The SerpentCS team provides solutions that help clients to have tier validation on customer invoices, vendor bills, and journal entries except for bank statements and payments.

Impacts & Results

  • Smooth Transformation from Quickbooks to Odoo with Migration Process

  • Align all the Accounting Aspects with Odoo ERP.

  • Onboarding with Multi-Company Accounting.

  • Improvements in Purchase Order Reports.

  • Bank synchronization and reconciliation process made easy.

  • Simple TDS Taxation with Odoo 16 Accounting.

After migration from QuickBooks to odoo the clients got some the fruitful results like:

​ Full Fledged Accounting Functionality
  Zero dependency on QuickBooks after data migration
    Successfully migrated 12 years of accounting records from Quickbooks to Odoo  ​

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This successful QuickBooks migration to the Odoo platform not only reduced manual data entry efforts but also enhanced the overall efficiency of Mitsogo's financial environment, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses without worrying about accounting data management.