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What is Odoo Migration?

Migration in Odoo refers to upgrading the platform to the latest available version. Given that Odoo is a dynamic management software with frequent updates and releases, it becomes imperative to transition from the current arrangements to the newer ones. This migration introduces new features and advancements offered by the Odoo platform and ensures the seamless integration of these updates with existing company operations for the clients.

We, at SerpentCS, address these considerations meticulously helping organisations to successfully execute the migration process, enabling them to capitalise on the advanced capabilities and improvements offered by the upgraded Odoo platform. SerpentCS can help businesses to optimise their operations and effectively leverage the enhanced features provided by the latest Odoo 17 software iteration.

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Why Odoo ERP Migration?

Odoo ERP migration allows clients to upgrade the ERP software to a new and improved version that improves performance, speed and reliability compared to the previous version. As a dynamic management software, Odoo constantly updates its platform with new versions that introduce advanced features and additional features that provide businesses with the tools to operate more efficiently.

It will benefit clients as it increases productivity and streamlines business operations. With the move, clients can expect reduced time to run Odoo features, simplified user terminology and seamless integration of advancements into existing workflows. Companies can leverage Odoo's full potential to drive growth and success by adopting the latest version through migration.

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Our Odoo Migration Services Includes:

SerpentCS, an official Odoo Partner company offers a complete range of services. It involves not only upgrading to a new version but also moving from a different platform to Odoo ERP as well as server migration without changing the version. SerpentCS takes care of all the parameters like data backup, keeps the downtime to a minimum and takes proper security measures before migrating. SerpentCS follows an analysed process to conduct the migration.

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We Migrate from Odoo Community V10 to latest Odoo V17


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We Migrate from Odoo Enterprise V10 to latest version Odoo 17

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How Do We Do It?

  • SerpentCS is a highly trusted Odoo Migration Company, provides a seamless experience of working with businesses of all types.

  • SerpentCS has a qualified and reliable team of professionals with valuable experience.

  • We leverage advanced and proven techniquesthat assure a superior outcome and give high priority to the safety andsecurity of your data.

  • We ensure 100 % satisfactionguaranteed with24/7 support available.

Seize the opportunity to leverage the enhanced features of the latest Odoo versions. Take action now and get in touch with us to upgrade your system from any existing version to the newer one. Take advantage of the benefits and improvements that come with the upgrade.

Contact us today to embark on the journey of enhancing your system's capabilities.


Odoo migration refers to the process of upgrading or transferring data, configurations, and customizations from an older version of Odoo to a newer one. Businesses may need migration to access new features, improve system performance, or ensure compliance with the latest security standards.

Main challenges during Odoo migration include data compatibility issues, custom code adjustments, module dependencies, and maintaining system integrity while transferring configurations and customizations.

To prepare for Odoo migration, businesses should conduct a comprehensive assessment of current system functionalities, data structures, and customizations. They should also ensure backup of critical data, evaluate compatibility of custom modules, and communicate migration plans to stakeholders.

Best practices for successful Odoo erp migration include thorough testing of migrated data and functionalities, creating a rollback plan in case of issues, engaging experienced Odoo developers or consultants, documenting every step of the migration process, and providing training to users on the new system.