Game Development

Do you know Game is the 3rd most popular category among all mobile app categories with a market share of 164 Billion in 2020 and it will hit the mark of 190+ Billion by 2022? There is a huge consumer market of mobile apps and gaming is the most lucrative category in this segment.  

We at SerpentCS owns a game department and they all are hardcore gamers themselves which make more interesting to our clients when they contact us for game development consulting. Unity is a top-rated game development tool and it is a game developer's first choice for unique game development as it adds many dimensions for them. 

We have developed several games by using Unity 3D, and below are quick glimpses of the same:

Animal 4D(Book version)


This game is made for children to give information about jungle animals. The animal booklet allows children to experience and explore animals in 3D view along with its history and lifestyle. There is an option of reading and listening to the information.

Animal 4D Game


This game is designed for kids to experience jungle animals in 3D view. Kids have to scan the card in order to view that animal in 3D view. Zoom in and out, rotate and sound functionality adds a unique dimension to this application.

Augmented Chess

 Strategy Game

The chess game is played in real-time with the opponent player. The opponent player will be decided by the portal engine.

Augmented Racer

 VR Game

This game is a virtual reality game, in which you have a space ship, you manage your ship into space planet and then service your life.

Shoot the Alphabet


The game has alphabets in three different languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati. The gamer can select the language and play the game. Basically, the player will shoot the alphabet to get the next alphabet.

Frisking Ball


This game is all about passing a ball through a ring, jumping left-right and managing to continue the game. Shop option is available to play with different types of balls at different speeds.