Ready-Made or Custom Software? Which One Would be Good for Your Business?

Custom Software development v/s Off the shelf ERP software?
August 10, 2020 by
Ready-Made or Custom Software? Which One Would be Good for Your Business?

Are you Confused about what to Choose? Custom Software development v/s Ready-made software?

Ready Made Software

These days many businesses feel the need of integrating commercial software to streamline their business process, improve operational efficiency, and propel the growth process.

When the need for a quality software application arises, most business owners ask the question, “Should we buy a ready-made software or custom software for our business?” In this post, we will try to find the answer.

If you are planning to install and integrate a software application for your business, choosing between a packaged software and custom software has its pros and cons. Let us find out what may or may not work for you based on various aspects of these two types of software.

Pros and Cons of Ready made Software (Off the Shelf ERP System)


  • Time-Saving
    It is easy to buy ready-made business software, and it particularly saves time for businesses that want to incorporate it fast. They just need to buy off-the-shelf software and install it.
    Ready-made software comes with various features for a specific industry. As soon as a business installs the software, it is ready to use.

  • Ensures Efficiency
    A ready-made software is the creation of experts, who consider and include useful industry-specific features that fulfill the business needs. Experienced software professionals create ready-made software after extensive research, intuitive development process, thorough testing. Such software is useful for a large industry instead of a specific business.

  • Low Upfront Cost
    Professional software development companies design and sell commercial software with a license. It means you can save money on the initial upfront costs that you have to bear when buying custom software


  • The User Interface (UI) may not fulfill your specific business needs
    The user interface or UI is a crucial link that bridges the gap between your business product and customers. The elements your customers can view and experience while navigating through your product are due to the user interface. Generally, most users do not consciously notice the interface during the navigation. It is based on their navigation experience on your website they decide whether to stay or bounce off.

  • Dependency
    If you buy ready-made commercial software, you have to depend on selling company for the updated features and troubleshooting. In addition, if the software developing company stops selling the product, you have no option other than changing your software provider.

Benefits of Custom ERP Software

  • Custom Layouts and Design

Getting a custom software will give you the liberty to ask the developing company to provide custom layouts and visual design. Visually appealing and clean layouts help customers to navigate easily and have a memorable experience. The elements, such as custom typography and aesthetic design, are likely to yield excellent results.

  • You are in Control

This is one of the major benefits of investing in custom software. Starting from the custom software development and implementation stage, you will have complete control over the whole process. This way, the custom software will align with the company’s vision and business interests for now and in the future.

  • Excellent support

When you buy custom software applications, you also get reliable technical support from the service provider for any issues related to the application. A reputable software developing company will likely provide 24/7 technical support, which will give you peace of mind.

  • Software that Targets Your Specific Needs

A customized software application will fulfill the specific requirements of your business by integrating features that you suggest. A leading service provider, with its expert developers and state-of-the-art technology, can adapt and incorporate your requirements more easily through collaboration.

  • Custom Software Solutions Are More Secure

Another major benefit custom written software is that it provides robust data security by integrating custom safety features in the software. Hackers usually target popular commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) because they are more vulnerable to breaches.

On the other hand, custom software can easily keep off intrusion attempts with advanced and foolproof security features.

Custom software does exactly as it sounds. It fully adapts to your organization’s business objectives and specific requirements.

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