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odoo development services

What is Odoo Development?


Odoo Development includes customisation and upscaling the functionalities of Odoo through creation of newer and better modules or updating an existing one. Odoo ERP Development offers several benefits for the organizations to grow organically.

Some of the key aspects of Odoo software development services include Custom module development, business logic implementation, integration, database design, deployment, maintenance and many more.

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Why Odoo ERP Development?

odoo erp development

With the help of custom module development in odoo, organizations can create tailor-made modules that fulfils the requirements the firm’s unique business processes. This leverage helps in better control, handling and development over the software.

odoo development

Odoo ERP software development allows businesses to add new features and focus more on functionality. This makes the Odoo development a highly scalable solution that can be adaptable to business requirements.

odoo development

Odoo application development can empower business productivity by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating the errata leading to increase in efficiency of the firm.

why odoo development
What SerpentCS Offers?

SerpentCS offers a variety of high value Odoo development services. Some of its major offering include:

Odoo Application Development

SerpentCS specializes in developing a wide range of Odoo-specific applications and offers best-in-class application development services. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses utilizing the Odoo development.

Odoo Website Development

SerpentCS has an extensive experience and expertise in developing dynamic and user-friendly websites using the Odoo development services. Whether it's e-commerce, CMS, or any other required website, we offer high-quality Odoo website development solutions catered to meet the unique website requirement of businesses.

Odoo Store Development

We create, customize, and integrate highly functional Odoo ERP system with your front-end e-commerce store. With proficiency in Odoo development, SerpentCS ensures seamless integration through leveraging the powerful features of Odoo.

Odoo Theme Development

With SerpentCS's expertise in web design and development, we deliver tailored and visually appealing themes that enhance the user experience and align with the clients' brand identity. Our Odoo theme development services ensure a smooth integration and a visually attractive interface for businesses using the Odoo ERP system.

Odoo Module Development

We at SerpentCS match your wider needs with unique modules that pack dynamic features and custom functionalities. We provide highly customized modules that add new features of modify existing functionality.

Odoo SAAS Kit

SerpentCS offers Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), a cloud based software delivery model that power-up your software service with limitless flexibility and customization. Enjoy a ready-to-use framework to deliver the desired application to your customers.

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How do We Do it?

  • SerpentCS is a highly trusted Odoo ERP Development Company, provides a seamless experience of working with businesses of all types.

  • SerpentCS has a qualified and reliable team of developers with valuable experience.

  • We leverage advanced and proven techniques that assure a superior outcome and give high priority to the safety and security of your data.

  • We ensure 100 % satisfaction guaranteed with 24/7 support available.

Seize the opportunity to leverage the enhanced features of the latest Odoo versions.

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SerpentCS stands out among its competitors in providing Odoo Development Services due to their exceptional expertise and extensive experience in the field, ensuring top-notch solutions for businesses.

When selecting a Odoo Development Company, there are various factors to consider such as Experience and expertise, Portfolio and references, customization capabilities and support & maintenance. SerpentCS has been working with Odoo since its early versions accumulating over a decade of experience and considering the above factors, SerpentCS is often regarded as one of the best choice for Odoo development.

Odoo ERP development is necessary for businesses seeking a robust and highly customizable ERP. Odoo software development collectively provides scalability, productivity, cost effectiveness community support and much more. SerpentCS has been delivering the best Odoo ERP services and stands out as a service provider of top quality Odoo Development Services.