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Odoo HR vs ZenHR Find your Ideal HR Management Solution

March 7, 2024 by
Odoo HR vs ZenHR Find your Ideal HR Management Solution

Businesses always look for productive and skilled solutions to improve their performance and manage their employees better. Odoo HR and ZenHR both are leading providers of HRMS software, each having its own capabilities and advantages. In this blog post, we'll compare OdooHR & ZenHR based on their features to help businesses make an informed decision when choosing the right HR management software.

What is Odoo HRMS?

Odoo HRMS is packed with a rich features ERP System for your HR department. Which has a variety of business management applications, such as CRM, sales, project management, and more. Odoo HRMS can work with other Odoo modules, giving a fully functional solution for different HR tasks like recruitment management, employee on-boarding management, payroll management, performance evaluation, leave management, and training.

What is ZenHR?

ZenHR is a cloud-based HR software solution that caters to the needs of SMEs & Enterprises in the MENA market. ZenHR is fully localized to the all over gulf & MENA region, including all the laws and regulations related to labor, expat, social security, and tax.

Features Of Odoo HR vs Zen HR


Odoo HR

Zen HR

Labor law regulations and rules are up to date Auto (Will specify penalty for violation "absence/delay ... etc" by default depends on Labor Law)

Attendance tracking by GPS, scheduling shifts.

Linking with time tracking devices, and disciplinary actions.

All leave types are auto with procedures depending on the type of leave.

Customizable Reports

Data Import/Export

Compensation Management

Sick Leave Tracking

Customizable Templates

Document Management

360 Degree Feedback

Access Controls/Permissions

Attendance Tracking

Payroll Management

Third Party Integrations


Employee Onboarding

Employee Benefits Management

Performance Management

Employee Asset Management

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Mobile App

Learning & Development

Expense Tracking

Linked with Gov. Portals (Muqeem, mudad,...)

Cloud-based solution

LinkedIn Jobs Integration

Candidate Timeline

Pricing Plans

Odoo has a standard pricing plan that starts from $20 per user & per month, also increases depending on the number of users and modules selected, while ZenHR has a simple pricing plan that starts from $5 per employee per month and it includes basic features only.

Odoo is flexible and can be customized for different business needs, but it can be more expensive with more modules and users, while ZenHR has clear pricing and is suitable for simple HR needs, especially for big businesses with many employees.


The choice between Odoo HRMS and ZenHR depends on your business's unique needs and preferences. Odoo HRMS has the advantage of being customizable and integrated with the wider Odoo modules suite. On the other hand, ZenHR has the benefit of being specialized in the MENA region, which ensures compliance with local laws and practices, and provides a user-friendly and localized Human Resource Management experience.

The ultimate decision comes down to the specific requirements, scalability needs, and regional compliance necessities of your business. To know more about functionality and Odoo HRMS requirements simply connect us via, we are ready to help you transform HRMS solution with Odoo ERP Implementation.