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Why is Odoo a perfect solution for your company’s automation system?

ODOO- automation solution ERP to streamline your business.
February 2, 2021 by
Why is Odoo a perfect solution for your company’s automation system?

Focusing and discussing about, why Odoo is the best solution for your company’s automation? Have you ever noticed how some companies manage to handle their workload so efficiently and effectively? In this fast-growing era of automation and digitalization, smart work is more appreciated than hard work. What Odoo is suggesting! You do smart work by choosing Odoo Open Source ERP Software and let it do Hard work for you. 

Odoo provides a wide variety of automation ERP Software, which are customizable according to your company’s business needs. Now the question arises, Why to choose Odoo and not other ERP software? The answer is simple; Odoo ERP provides end to end services according to your requirements. We have an App for every need. It is easy to use, hassle-free solutions with the help of our highly skilled customer support team, and budget-friendly too. Odoo has fully integrated apps for all your needs like Website apps, sales apps, finance apps, operations apps, manufacturing apps, human recourse app, communication apps, marketing apps, customization apps. Let’s have a look at some major benefits Odoo has offered:

  • Open Source: It is free to download and install without and license fees.
  • Scalable: It is very convenient, as you can start with one Odoo module and then add more when you need them. Choose ODOO to Streamline Your Business.
  • Modular: Odoo has more than thousands of modules to meet the expectations and needs of your business requirements. However, the Odoo team is constantly developing their modules and so the functionality will be increased day by day.
  •  Flexibility and easy to use: Because of its web interface, one can use it from any device, from anywhere with the only help of internet access. You can compare it with your personalized tailored shirt, which fits you perfectly. Just like that Odoo ERP fits your business standards.
  • Custom Support: Odoo partners have a full-fledged team of Odoo technical support teams who can help you with ERP solutions to do market research so that you can have the best modules for your industry requirements.
  • Odoo CRM: Odoo Customer Relationship Management system is designed to help you in Organizing the pipeline like to manage planned activities, lost opportunities, and manage several teams at a time. It also eases your work by acquiring leads by converting them into profitable opportunities, leads generated from emails, website’s contact page. You can easily Assign and track leads with Odoo CRM Software. Analyzing performances was never easy, and with the best-designed modules of Odoo CRM one can optimize Day to day work.
  • Point of Sale: POS is a fully integrated system application for any transaction, updates automatic reports for stock in/out, and gives you real-time statistics of the whole shop.  The shop feature of POS system gives you Invoices, barcodes, Log in employees, reprint receipts, and many more. With the Point of Sale Restaurant application, one can manage Tables, bill splitting options, print order at the kitchen bar, and also integrate a tip option into payment.
  • Odoo E-Commerce: Odoo ERP is the one fit solution for all your E-Commerce needs. Odoo E-Commerce is designed to fulfill all your needs from UI designing to Back end development, from Integration with other modules to SEO optimization. On-demand support for business operations and maintenance services provided with the safety of Security audit.
  • Odoo for Trading Businesses: Think about having various apps and software that work individually for Purchasing goods, stock maintenance, Inventory management, demand fluctuation tracks, and selling goods. Different software for multiple trading makes work difficult to manage and complex for decision making. But with employing Odoo ERP Trading Business Software you can have limitless profits with advantages like, your Purchase management will become effortless, you can have 360- degree view of real-time Operations, tracking what customers want will lead to a better CRM, seamless product management, and various options to sell products.
  • Customization Odoo is best in offering customization as per field requirements. No two business processes are the same, how can the ERP system be the same? ERP Customization can be an unavoidable investment, but with Odoo Customization plans you can make the best out of it. Odoo ERP provides mobile extensions, features that can be up-scaled, auto-correcting adaptability of business needs, achieve more with less can possible for third party integration, personalizing the user interface, and easy modification.
  • Implementation: ERP is a much-hyped name, but is it that effective to any business?  The answer is a big yes. But conditions apply like how you implement ERP into your business. Odoo ERP Implementation is not only the work department of IT workers, but rather company-wide work involvement can also lead to accomplishment at full potential ERP system. Our ERP consultant can help you in developing an Implementation plan according to your business needs and its process.

 When it comes to measure and track the performance of Odoo apps, we offer OdooQA ( to test whether the software is performing at its best desirable expectations.  

 Odoo Open source ERP helps to increase work productivity, increased work productivity leads to mental relaxation which increases Dopamine, Dopamine

 converts into an increase in happiness and happy bosses don't shoot their employees. 

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