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Odoo 8.0 Release Update : Sep 17, 2014

September 18, 2014 by
Odoo 8.0 Release Update : Sep 17, 2014

Community, This is an email after the email on July 24, 2014. Everyone is having an eagle-eye on version 8 which is coming with excellent website builder, new WMS (warehouse management) and classy e-commerce builder features, with many small other features needless to say. We just have an email from Olivier Dony, the community manager of OpenERP SA. After the demand from community, here are the meanwhile updates from him about the new api release.

Hi everyone!

Here's another quick update about the 8.0 release status.

- has been running on 8.0 RC1 for several weeks and has become quite 
stable after a lot of improvements and corrections.

- The translation teams have been doing an incredible job and several teams 
have almost reach 100%. We've fixed some important translation issues 
(translations were not visible everywhere) and we're still working on some less 
important issues.
Don't worry if you don't see your latest translations yet in Github, more 
translation synchronizations will takes place in the coming days.

- 8.0RC is now deployed fully on Odoo Online for *new* customers and the 
feedback has allowed us to make many more improvements.

- We're now starting to migrate some existing customers from the previous 
version (saas-3) to 8.0RC, improving further the migrations scripts and stability.

Quoting my previous list of release steps, we're thus very close to being able 
to release the final version 8.0:

>     1. 8.0 offline stabilization -> bugfixes       
> 2. 8.0 deployed on (migration) -> bugfixes > 3. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for new customers -> bugfixes > 4. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for all customers (migration) -> bugfixes > 5. 8.0 final release Thanks a lot to all contributors for your invaluable work! Olivier