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How to run 2 or more OpenERP Servers on same machine?

August 18, 2014 by
How to run 2 or more OpenERP Servers on same machine?

1+ OpenERP Servers on same machine

Hello Readers. If you are an OpenERP Developer Or you might wish to run OpenERP Test, Dev, Production servers from the same machine...Don't get stuck! In such a situation, we have an option to do this in simple manner. This article gives you a solution to use 2 or more OpenERP server instances running at a same time. Simple solution is to use different ports for all the server instances you wish to start. Let's see the example:, We want to run OpenERP 6.1 and OpenERP 7.0 at the same time. One server is OpenERP 6.1 and second server is OpenERP 7.0.

OpenERP 6.1 server start with like this:

OpenERP Server V6

After Hit the "ENTER", the 6.1 server will start.

OpenERP Server V6

This is about the simple thing to run a single server but when we want to run another server on same machine we need to use different port. second server of OpenERP 7.0

Start as below screen-shot.

OpenERP 7.0 server with different port. Added --xmlrpc-port=1800

OpenERP Server V7

After hit the "ENTER", the OpenERP 7.0 server will start on 1800, with localhost:/1800

OpenERP Server V7

Here we started a second server of OpenERP 7.0 with port number of 1800 using  '--xmlrpc-port=1800'.

Both the server started on a same machine at same time.

Adding a trivial case where you wish to hide databases of one server to another server even the machine is same. The simple solution is to use different database users for each Server Instance.

For more Information you have "--help" command, and you will get more options. In any Case for OpenERP Functional and/or Technical Training, SerpentCS will prove as the best choice for you. See our Customer feedbacks for OpenERP Services.


Hope this Post will help you for your OpenERP Implementations.

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