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Odoo Tips of the Month : Feb 2016

October 8, 2015 by
Odoo Tips of the Month : Feb 2016

Dear Reader,

Being an expert of Odoo Since 9+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for February 2016. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of Media around Odoo especially Twitter and Facebook. Lets thank to them.

- Push #Odoo users to LDAP using Holger's new #OCA module

- Odoo Contribution : Find your idle projects with dates of last update,last communication. … #odoo8

- The February issue of the OCA Newsletter have been published.

- SerpentCS Offers for the Odoo training and Odoo Modules - Add automatically a share button in all your #odoo v8 e-commerce products with this #OCA module: … Thanks to @andhit_r

- The #OCA module for switching easily between companies get #odoo v9 thanks to @NicolasJEUDY:

-  tip from  : The "pos_cache" module is built-in in Odoo 9 (community), Odoo 8 module :  for speeding up!

- Our #OCA Bylaws and CLA are now released as .rst files, so community you can suggest changes easily ! See:

-  Self-paced Online Odoo technical training at a very low cost of $75. Rated 5 star and more than 77 students enrolled.

- Geoengine to add OSM maps in your #Odoo 9.0 is available now ! …

- Easy traslations export for #odoo v8 developers with this #OCA module: … - Thanks to @sylvainc_

- Published a small module account_cutoff_prepaid_ods that adds an Aeroo ODS report on Cutoff Prepaid form view


#Odoo Tip: In Events app, ask at the end of the registration feed extra questions to better organize your event! 

Odoo Tips of the Month : Feb 2016

- An #odoo v8 module for adding a search option ("matches") lands in #OCA: … - Thanks to @news_at_initOS & @Therp_BV

- Manage your Information Security Management System in #odoo v7 thanks to this #OCA modules: … - Thanks to @SFLinux
- How to do an inventory valuation in #Odoo. Anglo-Saxon and Continental accounting. 
- Get the complete status of your projects in #odoo with our module … important for Service based firms- #SerpentCS
- Make mandatory the customer in #odoo v8 POS with this #OCA modules: … - Thanks to @JosDeGraeve
- #voodoo black magic for your #Odoo projects  #docker #buildout
- Treat events like products with their possibilities with this #OCA #odoo v8 module: … - Thanks to Yajo
- Force an specific currency rate in invoice with this #odoo #OCA v7 module: … - Thanks to @BenoitGuillot
- Track and prevent brute force attacks with this #OCA #odoo v8 module from @legalsylvain:
- #Odoo Tip: In the translation feature of CMS, get notified that some content has changed & directly translate it!
Odoo Tips of the Month : Feb 2016
- #odoo tip of the day: When you call another with context, Use context=context named params for api compatibility
- Now you can estimate your manufacturing order costs with our (@OdooMRP & Antiun) #odoo v8 module that comes to #OCA:
- Use and import european NUTS locations in #Odoo v8 with this #OCA module by @antespi and Yajo:
- Add a widget in #odoo v8 to make digitized signatures with this #OCA module by @eLBaddi:
- The #OCA module for suspending the security but using the same user is now in #odoo v9: - Thanks to @AdrienPeiffer
- #Odoo Tip: After creating a nice Online quotation, print it in pdf! This allows you to send a clean & clear quote!
Odoo Tips of the Month : Feb 2016
- OCA Send emails directly with #odoo v8 when you click on email fields - … - Thanks to @news_at_initOS
- This #OCA module helps you to create manuals for your management system in #odoo v9: … - Thanks to @SFLinux
- Use a mail template for the welcome email for #odoo v8 portal users thanks to Incaser:
- Select the background color on #odoo v8 mass mailing building blocks thanks to this #OCA module by Yajo:
- New tutorial online about how to use #XML-RPC and #ERPpeek to create and manage #Odoo databases remotely! See
- Odoo v10 #functional tip:The project_timesheet is swallowed by hr_timesheet, timesheet belong to project and task
- Odoo v10 technical tip : Attachment model will now avoid prefetching for better indexing
- Odoo tip: don't forget to set the 'web.base.url.freeze' setting parameter (especially if you use SSH tunnels)
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