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What are the new Features in Odoo 17 Inventory?

November 17, 2023 by
What are the new Features in Odoo 17 Inventory?

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient warehouse management is essential for maintaining operational productivity and maximizing profitability. To meet the ever-changing needs of businesses, Odoo, a comprehensive business management software solution, has introduced its new features in Odoo 17 Inventory, which offers a range of thrilling enhancements specifically designed for inventory management.

Revamped Operations Menu

In Odoo 17, the Inventory module will feature a revamped operations menu, providing a user-friendly interface for efficient management of inventory-related tasks. The menu includes options for inventory adjustments, internal transfers, receipts, delivery orders, scrap orders, stock moves, and stock valuation. 
These enhancements streamline processes, improve inventory accuracy, and offer better visibility into stock movements and valuation, ultimately facilitating effective inventory management and optimization.

Leverage Lot/Serial Property fields

Odoo 17 introduces new features in the Lot/Serial Property fields, enhancing the tracking and management of individual items or batches of products. With the new features, businesses can efficiently assign and manage lot/serial numbers to products, enabling accurate tracking of product movement, improved inventory control, and streamlined quality control processes. 

The enhanced functionality includes advanced filtering options, improved search capabilities, customizable fields for capturing additional product information, and seamless integration with other modules within the Odoo ecosystem. These new features provide businesses with enhanced visibility and control over their inventory, ensuring efficient operations and better customer service.

Least Packages

Odoo 17 introduces the "Least Packages" removal strategy, optimizing inventory allocation by avoiding the reservation of quantities in multiple packages when a single larger package can fulfill the demand. This feature streamlines the picking process, reduces packaging waste, and enhances operational efficiency, especially for businesses with complex packaging configurations or large quantities of products. 

By selecting the most efficient package for order fulfillment, companies can improve productivity and customer satisfaction.


In Odoo 17, the delivery slip now includes important information such as Incoterm and location. This enhancement provides clearer documentation for deliveries, allowing businesses to communicate the agreed-upon terms of the shipment and the specific delivery location. Including Incoterm and location on the delivery slip ensures that all parties involved have a comprehensive understanding of the shipping terms and destination, facilitating smoother logistics and reducing the risk of miscommunication. 

This update improves transparency and accuracy in the delivery process, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


In Odoo 17, a new feature called Autobatch has been introduced, which automates the batching of operations in the ready stage. Autobatch enables the system to automatically group together operations that are ready for processing, streamlining the workflow and improving operational efficiency. 

By automatically batching operations, businesses can optimize their resource utilization and reduce manual effort in managing operations. This feature ensures that only operations in the ready stage are batched, allowing for smoother and more efficient processing of tasks.