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Odoo Tips of the Month : March 2016

April 4, 2016 by
Odoo Tips of the Month : March 2016

Dear Reader,

Being an expert of Odoo Since 9+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for March 2016. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of Media around Odoo especially Twitter and Facebook. Lets thank to them.

- Odoo 9.0 started with --dev reads existing views directly from the filesystem, meaning less restart w/ -u addon

- Hadron for business Sp. z o.o. - GLS Label Lite integration with #Odoo V9

- Have a procedure template for your management system with this #OCA #odoo v9 module: … - Thanks to @SFLinux

- SerpentCS Offers for the Odoo training and Odoo Modules

- Debrand from #odoo the mails sent in v8 with this #OCA module from Yajo: …

- New #Odoo 9 documentation available! #Website: How can I translate my website?

- Edit tables (add/delete rows/columns) in your #odoo v8 mail templates with to this #OCA module: … - Thanks to Yajo

- Fix of the day : SQL Queries will now be logged before execution …Thanks to @ClonedAgain

- Odoo Tip: Organize your work by starring important messages. Your favorites are in the Starred inbox in Discuss!

Odoo Tips of the Month : March 2016

- Self-paced Online Odoo technical training at a very low cost. Rated 5 star and more than 80 students enrolled.

- GeoEngine to add OSM maps in your #Odoo 9.0 is available now !

- Exodoo - expose Odoo entities in a LocomotiveCMS website

- Website Calendar Snippet is merged in #OCA.  Thank you @dennis_sluijk!

- Render in #odoo v8 UI one2many fields as tags with this #OCA module by the UI magician hbrunn from@Therp_BV: 

- #MassEditing keeps helping #odoo users … … #SerpentCS#contributionIsLifetime

- March Issue of OCA newsletter is out.
-The #OCA module for having multiple categories in products is now migrated to Odoo v9 thanks to @sodexis  -
- Know state of the receptions directly from the purchase order with this #OCA #odoo v8 module thanks @ChafiqueD: …
- The #OCA base module for having multiple images attached to a model is now migrated to #odoo v9 thanks to@sodexis -
- Have an image gallery for your #odoo v8 products with the #OCA module :
- Odoo module of the day : Organize your products with this OCA Module from SerpentCS
- #Odoo Tip: In Discuss, enable desktop notifications. New messages will pop out even if you're not working on your DB
Odoo Tips of the Month : March 2016
- Add easily the possibility of having an image gallery in any #odoo v8 object with this #OCA module: … - Thanks to Yajo
- Get the complete status of your projects in #odoo with our module … important for Service based firms- #SerpentCS
- Akretion annouces the support of ZUGFeRD electronic invoices in #odoo 
- Show only by default the advanced search in #odoo v8 list views with this #OCA module: … - Thanks to @jbaudoux
- Sort on column in pivot #odoo #module
- Work with sales teams in an #odoo v9 multi-company environment with this #OCA module by @Akretion:
- Odoo Tip : Lock Bills on Purchase order if we don't want to receive Bills from Vendor. Odoo Tips of the Month : March 2016
- New #Odoo 9 documentation available! #Project: How to forecast tasks?
- Odoo v10 technical tip : Attachment model will now avoid prefetching for better indexing
- Ever wonder how @OdooCommunity is managed and ruled ? Want to take part in it but still have some doubts ? Read this
- Add multiple identification numbers to your contacts with this #OCA module for #odoo v9: … - Thanks to @acsonelmi
- Ooor 2.3.0 is now using Rails/Rack session cookie key instead of ooor_session_id. Fixes a logout security threat
- The #OCA module for importing CSV/XLS files asynchronously is now migrated to #odoo v9 by @acsone_sa:
- Edit easily your BI views and create new analysis with this #OCA #odoo v8 module by @ONESTEiN_ERP:
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