Odoo ERP for Family Entertainment Centers

Boost Your FEC Business With Odoo ERP’s Customized Software
February 19, 2024 by
Odoo ERP for Family Entertainment Centers

Managing various activities like gaming, food services, ticketing, and customer relations in a dynamic and fast-paced environment is a challenge for family entertainment centers (FECs). They need to balance multiple operations and provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for guests. Odoo, a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, can help game zone businesses transform their daily operations and optimize their business.

What is Family Edutainment Centers (FEC)?

Family Entertainment Centres, or we can say Family Fun Centres, provide a diverse place of Gaming & Family Entertainment sections to attract the people of all ages, making them a perfect choice for holding family-friendly events.

In addition to that, FMC centers are also ideal for business gatherings and team-building exercises. Many FECs offer special packages that include food, drinks, games and access to their attractions. This makes them fantastic venue options for interesting and entertaining company activities and celebrations. 

Features of Odoo ERP System to manage Family Entertainment Centers

 Event Scheduling

Make party scheduling easy and intuitive, with seamless online booking that pulls from the same capacity as your on-site bookings with the help of Odoo ERP for gamezone. The system knows the exact availability in real time, so you can max out capacity without fear of double booking. Customers can even pre-order food and beverage and party favors in advance.

 Parties & Group Booking

SerpentCS customized odoo POS system transforms event planning by offering advanced party bookings and extra add-ons. This system simplifies the process for both businesses and customers by allowing them to book in advance and add more guests closer to the event, as well as offering additional features like decorations or catering. Its user-friendly interface enables easy management of reservations, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience for all involved. Odoo POS for gamezone is a game-changer, providing a seamless way to enhance event planning services and create memorable experiences for customers.

 Centralized CRM

The main goal of CRM is to develop relationships with parents & kids and enable personalized communication. It streamlines lead management, allowing the tracking of sales pipelines and facilitating follow-ups via email, calls, or meetings.

 Multi location management

With Odoo ERP, Family Entertainment Center can Manage multiple sites from one location, limiting access where needed while still having full control at a HQ level. Having full insight allows you to see your top performing locations, market trends and top second line sellers.

 Cafe & Food Management

Odoo ERP Inventory module helps game zone business to manage retail products, food and cafe items efficiently, by letting them monitor stock levels, deal with multiple suppliers, automate reordering, and avoid stockouts.

 Analytics & Dashboard

Odoo ERP dashboard gives Family Entertainment Center (FEC) owners crucial data and analytics. This information helps in making smart decisions across operations, human resources, inventory, and marketing strategies. It's useful in understanding consumer behavior, assessing game performance, and optimizing resource management, offering a complete view for informed, strategic actions within the FEC.

 Self Service Kiosk

Guests can order concessions at the counter, from a self-service kiosk, or from their own mobile phone with a branded customer app. Orders go straight to kitchen display or kitchen printers. Manage restaurant capabilities with customized floor layout and individual table management. Manage table wait times with text-message notifications when a table or party room is ready.


SerpentCS Customized ERP for Family Fun Center is the perfect ERP solution for modern FECs. It has modules that work together flawlessly, without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors or spending a lot of money on syncing different modules. It is a Family Entertainment Center Software specialized business management solution designed to support venue operators in efficiently running their facilities including online bookings, point-of-sale transactions, waiver handling, payment processing, inventory management, and detailed reporting custom designed to meet all your business unique needs! 

If you want the best solution for your FEC, don't hesitate to contact SerpentCS today! You can email us at contact@serpentcs.com or give us a call. We are ready to help you transform your game center business with Odoo ERP Implementation.


Venue operators use the FEC ERP system to manage their facilities effectively. This Odoo based ERP system is a specialized management solution that helps with online bookings, schedule appointments, point-of-sale transactions, waiver handling, inventory management, payment processing, and detailed reporting. This software helps venue operators to simplify daily operations, enhance guest experiences, allocate resources wisely, and gain valuable insights into business performance. The system is essential for the success of the family entertainment center as it enables smooth guest interactions and operational efficiency.

Yes, our customized solution for Family Entertainment Centers is scalable and can be used for multiple locations. Moreover, with SerpentCS's Odoo ERP, you can manage all your locations from the Corporate office itself.

Sure! The bookings package lets the customers book the party venue and also pick game or extra addons food combos for their event.