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The Significance of ERPNext for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise)

ERP framework helping SMEs to seamlessly set up their business
October 3, 2017 by
The Significance of ERPNext for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise)

                                                                        ERP NEXT

Organizations actualize ERP frameworks to coordinate the business procedures of a company and enable associations to get a cut-throat advantage. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the answers for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), keeping in mind the end goal to confront the worldwide difficulties. ERP is an approach to coordinate the information and procedures of a conglomerate into one single framework. Its fundamental objective is to incorporate information and procedures from all regions of the association also, bind together it, to give effortless and a profitable work process. ERP Systems normally achieve this through one single database that utilizes numerous product modules. ERPNEXT is a product which has all the ERP modules and simple to utilize.

ERPNext is an Open Source incorporated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programming created by WebNotes Technologies Pvt Ltd and is based on MySQL database and Frappe framework utilizing a Python (programming) based server-side structure. Little and fair sized firms can take the advantage of ERPNEXT programming as it is free of cost for one client. The classification can be done as follows:

  • Independent companies are privately owned enterprises, partnerships, or a sole proprietorship that have fewer employees with lesser revenue annually than regular sized business. Expansive organizations have the upside of utilizing propelled information frameworks to deal with their procedure proficiently.

  • Private ventures normally battle to keep things sorted out. They are frequently utilizing a blend of applications like CRM, Spreadsheets, Tally and accounting oversee however not every person is in agreement. ERPNext changes that and enables private companies to get things done. ERPNext causes you to deal with all your business.

With the advanced developments, the ERP systems has been accompanied by new features. Let us have a glance at them:

GST Ready!

Now the system advances with a features solutions for GST ready as per Indian economy compatibility.                                                                              ERP NEXT GST

Messaging rich feature

ERPNext is providing with SMS facility for the invoices, receipts and other orders.                                                                   ERP Next Services

Multilingual Print Facility

Print Formats are the layouts that are generated when you want to Print or Email a transaction like a Sales Invoice. There is change language facility in print option so that customer can take print as per the requirement.

                                                                      ERP Next Services

Document Versioning

The system maintains all the changes of a document with the information of user and timestamp.                                                                                ERP NEXT Services

 Hiding modules

 Modules that are not concerned for a particular user are automatically hidden from them. Those users have no permission to access the documents within that module. For example, if a User has no permissions on Purchase Order, Purchase Request, Supplier, the “Buying” module will be automatically hidden for that User.                                                 

ERP Next Company


Cheque Print Template

Any of the business includes payment module that is used to pay various parties like suppliers and employees. This payment facility is availed through various modes like cash, NEFT or cheque. If there is cheque payment, you can create a Print Format for printing Cheque from ERPNext based on the Payment Entry.

                                     ERPNext CompanyERP Next Service

Setting Up Dropbox Backups

You can automate database backup download of your ERPNext account into your Dropbox account.

Explore > Integrations > Dropbox Settings

Social Media Login Keys

  1. Social Login enables users to login to ERPNext via their Google, Facebook or GitHub account.

This is how ERPNEXT is changing the ERP industry with a lot of innovative features. Contact us now to discuss your ERP requirements for ERPNext implementation.