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OpenERP V7 is out! OpenERP Migration and Support Services

January 27, 2013 by
OpenERP V7 is out! OpenERP Migration and Support Services

 OpenERP V7 is out! OpenERP Migration and Support Services 
OpenERP SA has the pleasure to announce OpenERP version 7, the most important release ever! OpenERP 7 Improvements: This version includes more than 500 points of improvement, including: a brand new user interface, an improved point of sale, social network features, contract management, customization tool, etc. To discover this new version, you can:

  • Play with the online demo
  • Read the detailed release note
Want to discover v7 live? We organize trainings: Interested in upgrading? If you want to upgrade, our migration service is ready for v7! As usual, we migrate all modules as per your need. if you are using community or custom modules, or want to know something about migration:   OpenERP Support Program. Enjoy this exciting new version. Thank you to OpenERP for inspiring us to write this very good content. Recent News :-
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