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Business Vertical: Education Management
Odoo Version: V8

Case-Study > Saltracker

About Client

Saltracker is a South African company who are running Educational public sector projects in association with various Governments and UNESCO.


SerpentCS provided a solution on EduERP to manage students' & teachers' attendance through an Android application.

  • An Android App and Backend that incentivises teachers and student attendance and provides skills development through a Learning Management System(LMS) for teachers. This provides educators with a comprehensive low-cost on/offline mobile solution for subject knowledge and attendance tracking.

  • The backend system manages all teachers as an employee so on the basis of their presence in the school system can generate the salaries and if any teacher moves away through the recruitment module we can launch recruitment programs.

  • Top of all we have developed dynamic reporting which helps to manage school, teacher and student details.

  • We have also integrated 3rd party offline LMS into odoo so that teachers can telecast tutorials as well as telecasted videos backend system would keep track of course process as well.


  • Increase in number of students coming to school.
  • Monitoring and Tracking teacher's activity to produce good outcomes for the entire education sector.

  • Hassle-free management to manage payroll directly connected to attendance.

  • Helped the African Government to utilize the best 3rd party LMS for online video tutorials integrating Odoo.