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Master Data Governance

Not just digital devices & technology but cities nowadays are becoming smarter than ever before. Such utilisation of technology has changed the perspective of city administration & government bodies to dealin with people & services offered to them. Smart technology solutions are making cities smarter & future-ready. The city was once a place where people from many surrounding & remote geographies gather to earn their living with a better scope of social & financial growth. But the concept of Smart Cities is something which has added an extra touch of technology which connects them with local administration bodies in the best way possible. But the fuel which helps smoothly transform & run such governance is nothing but the DATA! Data is the new fuel especially when it comes to managing the city with smartness & ease.

So as you might have understood, this article is going to be about how our SmartCity ERP is engaging us in tightly configuring & smartly managing the MASTER DATA with strategies for Information Governance. So let's see which are the key points our SmartCity ERP is covering.


Centralized & re-usable data

Efficient Workflows to automate approvals

Scope of scalability & automation

Strategic Information Governance & Compliance

Secured data storage with smart archival & optimisation place

Master Data Management & Information Governance

SmartCity ERP should be capable enough to handle huge volumes of data as the population keeps on growing. This is not just about creating and storing data but adopting the information strategy which allows us to work smartly with possible levels of automation & configured workflows. Master Data Management is actually a part of Information Governance which should be completely compliant with the norms defined by the respective authorities. The reason we are mentioning it is the fact that the systems we use should be designed & developed which follows these strategies & practices which simplifies the operations. Our system enables users to have reusable & centralized data which eliminates unwanted duplication. Though there would be many other operations which can be performed to remove duplication & authorized users will have the right to perform such actions on the data. Creating, Managing, Optimizing & Consuming data is easier than any other system even after having it integrated with some other systems too. Also note, as a system integrator, we are not only responsible for implementing solutions but also to help our customers with the right set of strategies & policies to incorporate. Practically it can be said that there would be many government departments offering various services to the people. These may be Education, Health, Transportation, Administration, Housing and so on. Now every individual in the city will need to deal with any of the departments and each department may have a separate way of creating, managing & consuming citizen’s data, which would definitely create a mess in terms of unwanted data. Such scattered ways of working with data reduce the overall efficiency of operations & administrative tasks. Instead of it, we offer an integrated solution which supports the reusability of data as it will be stored & governed centrally and that too by the authorised users/people only. This is one of the smallest examples of smart ways of Master Data Management & Information Governance. This can be achieved by the SmartCity ERP we have & exploring it further may surprise you with many other facilities to achieve ease in administration & governance. 

SmartCity ERP - As an integrated solution

 Data will be accessed from many different systems but will be stored in one centralized system. These other systems will also take care of the quality of data when it comes to unwanted duplication, mandatory data entity/attributes, mass rectification if anytime needed and many other tools which can be used to keep optimization of data on a defined interval. This integrated system is actually a combination of devices, solutions, network infrastructure & citizen-facing applications which will directly be in use by the people. So a complete Smart City ERP Solution is less about being specific on any requirements and more about implementing a comprehensive & intuitive system to manage a city with added smartness. 

Security Perspective

While we work with an extremely huge amount of data, security concerns should be taken into consideration. There are mainly three layers of security here. [01] Physical Security, [02] Access Controls & [03] Data Security. Physical security is something which may be disturbed any external reasons too, like natural calamities or so. But Access Controls & Data Security are something which is in our hands. Our Smart City ERP has strong authentication for users. We take third-party audits seriously as system assessment is mandatory even after upgrades & versioning.


So there are many other aspects of reusable data especially when there are going to be millions of people along with authorities who are going to use them with multiple platforms and devices. Configuring and working with the master data helps when it comes to optimising the use of data storage systems and platforms that serve data in the right way at the right time. Master Data management is one of the key aspects amongst others and plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of the operations performed by authorities and people through their respective interfaces.