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Multi-Service Kiosk

The growth & Development of any city is dependent upon the city’s ability. A kiosk is a tool that makes their lives and everyday activities easier. Kiosks don’t require daily human interference for them to operate efficiently. Kiosks are standalone self-help devices that are all computer-based and programmed to do their respective tasks. Kiosk square measures one of the neatest solutions for service delivery in a city, making it smarter. This is often the simplest example of time and place access for the system. So, one will have single-purpose access to the system simply with the assistance of interoperable kiosks. These kiosks ought to be operational, transactional & informative. The people will seamlessly navigate, browse, recharge, access applications, charge phones/tablets, book travel tickets, book parking lots, assert alerts, traffic conditions, weather data, statements and many more. These multi-service kiosks will make it easy for people how to deal with the services and infrastructure. The multi-service kiosks include the subsequent elements that don't seem to be restricted and may be extended as per scope.


Smart devices with a touch-screen interface

Citizen-specific announcements & alerts

Attractive & easy going user interface

Weather information & smart forecasting

Centralized information system

Navigation & Maps

Kiosks would be placed at various public places so that they can guide you through navigational maps and directions. That might not be much in use by the local residents but foreigners & other travellers may need it to find the location they want to reach or visit. Such kiosks provide a unique view so citizens will easily reach out or you can say Kiosks navigate us and show us a path to be to the wanted destination.

Government Services - Just a touch away

These kiosks help citizens to perform many operations and help submit many applications to process the government. The services from Government to voters, Businesses, alternative entities and the other way around are seamlessly administered through kiosk resolution. Some of the key services are but are not limited to.

Bills payment for Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone and so many such utilities

Government documentation links house tax, Birth/Death certificate, Marriage registration and many such applications which promote E-Governance.

To apply for or to update any of your identification proofs is made easy with this.

Information & Feedback management

It's very quick and easy to get any information just about anything you want to know. Emergency contacts, nearest hospitals, Gas Stations or ATMs or anything which may quickly help you to assist you with the navigation and some other related details you may need at that time. Also, it allows users to interact with the governing bodies & agencies through this facility as they are requesting information and at the same time marking their data. Government can further deal with any specific set of citizens who might have requested something frequently or who may need some extra services. In other words, the data these kiosks capture will be reused to make it more smarter in offering various services to the citizens. Also, kiosks are very easy for the administration to collect feedback on just anything. Citizens can mark their feedback on any specific things or services they have taken from the government. This will help the government further to improvise what they offer and in what way.

Infrastructure & Data management

Kiosk hardware is a touch-enabled display. It is designed to attract customers, interact and engage with the brand, product or service. Kiosk hardware can range from fully customized products like the ones you see at the entrance of any location. It will support all operating systems as well as web browsers. All the details that are available in the system are shown to the end user through the touchscreen module. How much amount of data is to be shown and on which screen data is to be shown that can be directly configured? The details are managed by storing the details over the database. All the master data is also configured at the backend. 

Security of Data and privacy

The main part of any digital system is the security of that particular system. The system provides different users with different user rights that are predefined by the Admin. All the users will be able to view their own details and details that are public records. Not more than that details will be shown to users. This will also increase the chances of the user's satisfaction related to his own data and confidence in the administration. The whole system is defined with user rights and user groups in such a manner that it will show only those details which are to be shown to a member. 


So here is the idea of a smart city having kiosks installed everywhere. These devices will have direct connectivity to the backend systems to manage and govern the data & information to be displayed. Hence all the Kiosks will be taken care of with centralized management.