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We, at Serpent Consulting Services, want to take this opportunity to thank the OpenERP/ODOO community for maintaining the open source alive and made it possible for us to contribute to this community.

We have developed a “Mass Editing” feature for OpenERP/ODOO platform to facilitate the editing and removal of more than one record simultaneously. Now, there is no need to edit or delete individual records in OpenERP/ODOO, by using this module, the task of mass editing or deletion is possible.

We have developed mass editing module for ERP 7.0 and it has been committed
Here (backlink) for the merge into
the initiative of CamptoCamp.

You can download this module from:
and its complete video is also available  at Youtube

The “Mass Editing” module is compatible with 6.0 as well. Though we have not tested this module or 5.0 but we believe that it will work for 5.0 as well.