Odoo Champ Training - April 2019
Odoo Champ Training
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  • Purpose of Training

    The purpose of this 'Odoo 20 Days - Become an Odoo Champ' training is to enable students, odoo partners, freelancers, odoo implementer, and end-clients to understand how Odoo works in its different modules and being able to explain it to end-users, management team and third parties.

  • Training Performance Objectives

    At the end of this training, you will have been provided with an overview of the major functionalities within Odoo Business App.

  • Training Objectives

    Something for Everyone!

  • The objectives of this training are to provide the course audience with a knowledge base to perform their respective activities. The majority of the time in the training will be spent configuration, having the right setup and learning the different interaction using real-time examples.

  •   Teaching Methods

    In this training, an emphasis is placed on explaining and demonstrating different Odoo App's functionalities which are pertinent to get to know how Odoo works for different businesses.

ODOO Functional

Schedule Topics Topics Topics Topics
Day 1 ODOO – ERP ODOO – CRM ODOO Sales Purchase Question / Answers
Day 2 ODOO – Accounting ODOO – Warehouse Question / Answers -
Day 3 ODOO – Project ODOO – HR, Payroll Question / Answers -
Day 4 ODOO – POS ODOO – MRP Question / Answers -
Day 5 ODOO – Website ODOO – eCommerce ODOO Community Modules Question / Answers
Day 6 ODOO Other Functional Modules ODOO – Localizations Question / Answers -

ODOO Technical

Schedule Topics Topics Topics Topics
Day 7 Introduction to ODOO Architecture Installation VCS, ORM Concepts
Day 8 VCS, ORM Concepts

Pre-defined Fields
Model & Model Attributes (_name,_description) Simple Fields Views
Day 9 Relational Fields Complex Fields View Enhancements Field Attributes
Day 10 Domain


Model Attributes : [ _table, _order, _rec_name, _sql_constraints, _inherit, _auto ]

Reserved Fields
Day 11 Button

Advance ORM Methods
Self API ORM Methods

Day 12
Views & CSS Inheritance Wizards & Act Windows Smart Buttons
Day 13 Analysis Reports Qweb Reports -
Day 14 Groups

Demo Data
Access Rights

Import / Export
Security Record Rules
Day 15 Scheduler

Web Services Taking Back up of the Database Restoring Database

Linux & SSH

Schedule Topics Topics Topics Topics Topics Topics
Day 16 Introduction of Linux  Ubuntu Introduction and Server Installation Partitioning in Linux, File Permission Linux Basic Commands
ls, cd, mkdir, touch, rm, cat, pwd, cp, mv grep, find, nano, history, clear, tar, wget, du
Introduction To Secure Shell Secure Shell Installation and Configuration

Using Secure Shell For Remote Connection Connect Remote Host Connect Remote Host on Different SSH Port Execute Command on Remote Host using SSH How to Login in Specific Directory -

Day 17 Copying And Transferring Files Copy Entire Directory Copy (File/files) From A Remote Host Copy (File/files) To A Remote Host -

SFTP How To Connect SFTP List File And Check The Working Directory SFTP Uploading Files SFTP Downloading Files SFTP Switching And Creating Directories SFTP Remove Files And Directories

Securing The Secure Shell Change The Default Port Disable Direct Root Access Allow Access For Certain User(S) Allow/Deny Access From Known IPS Public Key Authentication

Disable Password Authentication -

ODOO Administration

Schedule Topics Topics Topics Topics Topics Topics
Day 18 Introduction Installing PostgreSQL Postgres Configuration and fine tuning pg_hba conf file Apache and Nginx Setup with ODOO Setup Startup Script for ODOO

Creating PID File and Log File Odoo Server Parameters & config file, WSGI Mode - - - -

Day 19 Creating and Managing Server Instance Database Management with ODOO Scheduled Database Backup And Restore (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Backup of your Database Automatically) User Group Management, Email Configuration -
Day 20 Introduction to UI and Widgets Developer Mode Customizing views from UI, Adding fields from UI Creating Search Filters, Change company Logo - -

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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