SerpentCS Founders in the News : Divya Bhaskar

This is an absolute pleasure for the team SerpentCS that the founders, Husen Daudi and Jay Vora have been framed into one of the Best Gujarati NewsPaper Divya Bhaskar.

They have been appreciated for their devotion towards homeland,country India and all their CSR activities they regularly do in order to make the society a happier place ever.

They always spread goodness and wellness around. They have learnt and spread the importance of 'WE' as they believe Unity is strength.

'Alone I can only sing, together we can rock' ! 

SerpentCS Founders in the News : Divya Bhaskar 
 The article says:

" Youth in India has a tremendous set of abilities and its better to use the strength to empower own nation. These are the noble thoughts of 2 young men, Husen Daudi and Jay Vora who completed their Masters in Computer Application and Bachelors of Engineering from well-known institutes respectively and have always earned a great respect through the career.

They have a great devotion to their own country and this is what each countryman should have within. Today, they are counted as one of the best entrepreneurs of Gandhinagar. They have worked in an IT company located earlier in Ahmedabad and served the best and posted as top level management members.

Having a fact in mind that they can generate more employment, they left the job and started 2 ventures altogether called Serpent Consulting Services and Cresco Solution. Started with 2 employees themselves, within less than a year they have a great staff of 16 employees. They will officially complete a year in December 2012. Next month, they will get company into the label of Private Limited company.
    SerpentCS Founders in the News : Divya Bhaskar   
Do Your Work Yourself
This is their belief and following this ethic, they always do their work themselves, they clean office themselves every month. Their staff is also so supportive that they also understand their responsibilities. And Hence, they have no post of peon in the office.  

Mother-tongue is the best medium

 There are a number of creative and innovative youngsters in India, but they really need motivation. They have got education from India and in their mother-tongue. The real give-back, thanksgiving is when Indian use their brain and energy for India. Having a supreme command over English, they add that if you have studies in mother-tongue, you think faster, become innovative and become fluent in English too.  

Teaching with Business

 Husen and Jay do not believe in only earning and gathering money, but believe in sharing the good and guide others to do more. They have started another venture called  Cresco Solution where they teach and train IT students in international standard and also make them professional, give them interview/placement assistance and develop their personality so they can come out as a confident, strong and decent IT personnel. International students have also taken the advantage and share of their knowledge.  

CSR : Corporate Social Responsibilities
They believe in 'Rights and Duties' in a very balanced manner. They do various social activities like Blood donation camp, visiting old aged home, distributing sweets to needy people, distributing food and slippers to needy ones, etc. Husen and Jay themselves have donated blood number of times."  
   SerpentCS Founders in the News : Divya Bhaskar
 We congratulate both of them and wish the whole Team a great going ahead. We also thank all the well-wishers.


Serpent Consulting Services.

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