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Odoo Tips of Month September 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Know what happened around Odoo in September 2022
October 13, 2022 by
Odoo Tips of Month September 2022 - SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

odoo tips of month


Being an expert on ODOO For 12+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for September  2022. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of the Social  Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin. Let's thank them.


           (Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1575636482877816832 

  • Ready to be a Power User of #Odoo Spreadsheets? 


       1. Start via a templates

       2. EDIT and COPY templates to make your own

       3. Get to know the Filters feature 

       4. Right click --> See records (bidirectionality)

       #better #management #technology

      (Source:- https://twitter.com/Odoo/status/1575515758557282304 )

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Yenthe666/status/1574409533354541056 )


            (Source:- https://twitter.com/jaynvora/status/1575428532628467713 )


            (Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1574929424222326786 )



            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Odoo/status/1575153366635716609 )

  • What happens when you combine the #Odoo Quality App with the Studio App? You can drag and drop your way to an Inspection Worksheet! Record multiple step qualitative and quantitative information about all your products, quickly and easily! #better #management #technology


            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Odoo/status/1574790972449366017 )



            (Source:- https://twitter.com/JussiLehto/status/1575425245674094595 )


  • With #odoo16 you don't have to step out of Odoo to use #spreadsheets ; #Odoo embedded them so you can get the data from your system directly. Contact me to learn more.

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/HESHAM__ELMAHDY/status/1575536539626786816)

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/sswapnesh/status/1572495398174072834 )


            (Source:- https://twitter.com/rvalyi/status/1572253436917469184 )

  • Do you stop selling products online when they run out? #Odoo v16 will give website visitors a quicker way to ask to be emailed** when they can return to buy! - no need to sign up/register! - no need for a wish list! Community Enterprise **custom templates supported.


            (Source:- https://twitter.com/ray_odoo/status/1554258373784137729 )


  • #Odoo R&D peek: Scan attendance badges with any camera-enabled device (cheap phones, tablets, computers) and use a front or back camera. Works natively on Odoo Mobile or browser, no extra install. https://lnkd.in/geEdhS9V


            (Source:- https://twitter.com/fheodoo/status/1567717361205268480 )



            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Odoo/status/1565414919746441217 )


  • Want to unlock your business potential with an #ERP system? #SerpentCS Odoo erp development company is the one you can trust offering odoo services like the custom modules to entire ERP #Software development.

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1574663099399151616)


  • Odoo's latest #version offers improved security, speed, and stability compared to previous versions. SerpentCS, an Odoo gold partner, ensures that all previous #data remains intact during a full Odoo #ERP migration.

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1569579661050650624)


  • Using this property management #Software, you can display available properties on your website with details about the property, sub properties, advanced and new filters, galleries, videos, maps, & amenities.

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1572929561159172098)


          In a conventional way, #SerpentCS simplifies all your Law & Legal 

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1570385074675122176)


  • A freight management oversees and manages the delivery of goods. Using this app, you can manage your #air , #land , and #ocean freight operations simultaneously. 

            (Source:- https://twitter.com/Serpent_CS/status/1575816206019629056)


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