SerpentCS Co-Founder Jay Vora In the News : KutchMitra

  This is a proud moment for Serpent Consulting Services where the co-founder of SerpentCS, Jay Vora has been interviewed by the well-known kutchi journalist, Mr. Divyesh Vaidya from the leading newspaper of Kutch 'Kutch-Mitra'. This was an occasion when he happened to know about the activities and history, the aims and the passion, the idea and the goodness of SerpentCS. Having known the facts,he came to interview Jay and had a Q/A session and out of which Mr. Vaidya has written an article about Jay Vora, Husen Daudi and the 2 ventures SerpentCS and Cresco Solution.

  SerpentCS Co-Founder Jay Vora In the News  

 SerpentCS wishes Jay a best of luck for both SerpentCS and Cresco Solution. Thanks, Serpent Consulting Services.

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